Mobile Phone Repeater Troubleshooting

How do I determine the best place to set up my booster?

Look for signal amplifier input up to -50 DBM,This mobile phone signal works best。

What if the phone shows a full signal but cannot make a call?

A. Check if the upstreampower of the amplifier is normal, or the signal of the outdoor antenna is tooweak.B. First determine themobile phone signal at the outdoor antenna and reach (-50DBM) full grid.C. Make sure that thedistance between the indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna is more than 10 meters.It is best to isolate the indoor and outdoor antennas from the wall. If not,please change the position of the outdoor antenna so that it is kept at adistance of more than 20 meters from the indoor antenna. The best solution isto use floor isolation. For example the indoor antenna and amplifier installedon the first floor, then the outdoor antenna must be installed on the otherfloor, preferably across two floors, mounted on the second floor, third flooror above.

What if coverage area is small?

A. Determine the signal strength of the outdoor antenna (usually not less than -50DBM), check whether the display shows full grid, the stronger thesignal input, the stronger the amplifier input, no signal input amplifier, orthe input signal is weak, the amplifier input signal is also weak, Or nooutput.B. Make sure that the length of the outdoor antenna tothe amplifier circuit does not exceed 50 meters, the line connector is properlyintact, the circuit material meets thestandard, and the distributorsconnected not too many.C. Make sure that the length of the indoor antenna to theamplifier circuit does not exceed 30 meters. The line connectors connected well and the circuit material meets to the standard.D. Replacewith more powerful cell phone signalamplifiers.

What to do if the call quality is not good?

A. Change the installation position and direction of theoutdoor antenna.B. Change the direction of the outdoor antenna to theamplifier signal transmission line (choose the straightest and nearestroute, do not turn too much).C. Make sure that the distance between the outdoorantenna and the indoor antenna is too close (too close to form aself-excitation), and that if the distance is more than 20 meters, it must beseparated by walls and concrete floors to prevent the signal emitted by theindoor amplifier from being received by the outdoor antenna causingself-excitation.

After the installation of a signal not make a phone call?

A. determines that the outdoor antenna is aimed at the base station.           B. determines that the communication distance between the outdoor antenna and the base station is within 5 km.            C. determines that the cables of the outdoor antenna and amplifier are not more than 40 meters, not less than 10 meters, and confirm that the cable is up to the standard.            D. If has not been solved, replace the high-power amplifier or the professional personnel.

Why are you with no effect after installation?

A. first determines that the outdoor antenna terminal has cell phone signal and reaches (-50dbm) above.          B. re determine amplifier, antenna and other related parts.          C. confirm that all lines, distributors, antennas and amplifiers are connected correctly.