Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance in the hospitality industry. We know you work hard to make sure your guests have an enjoyable stay, so don’t let weak cell signal bring you down. Avoid poor reviews from customers who missed important personal or work calls by installing a mobile signal booster. We stock a range of high-strength, easy to install, universal amplifiers which can boost signal from all the major carriers, and keep your guests connected no matter what floor or network they are on.



We understand that poor connectivity around the home can be very frustrating. Staying connected is an important part of modern life, so frequent missed or dropped calls are a headache you can do without. Poor connectivity occurs when your mobile carrier has insufficient coverage in your area, and can have serious consequences when it causes you to miss urgent or important calls. On a day to day basis, poor connectivity can affect your social life, cutting you off from friends and family and can be particularly problematic if you work from home.  Our boosters are safe, affordable, and can boost signal around your home, be it big or small. With boosters compatible with all the major carriers, we can get you connected again.


Proper connectivity at an office is crucial, as weak signal could mean lost opportunities and frustrated clients, and could undermine the reputation and potential revenue of your business. Our boosters are an efficient and hassle-free way to ensure your office stays connected, so you can focus on more important things. We can provide boosters to increase 2G, 3G, or 4G signal for all major  networks, and have models suitable for everything from a small office to a warehouse or production yard.  If your office contains a mix of people on different networks, we can provide dual- and multi-band boosters to keep everyone happy.


The elevator repeater is specially designed to optimize the phone signal in a elevator. The donor antenna on the top of elevator car receives the signal from BTS and transmits the signal to the elevator repeater by cable; the elevator repeater amplifies the BTS’s signal and transmits the signal to the inside of elevator car. The same way, it transmits the signal in opposite direction. So people wouldn’t worry about dropping call when they enter into elevator car.