4G TDD-LTE1900MHz cellular repeater TD1900 network signal amplifier

Group 4G 1900MHZ Repeater
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Update Time 2020-07-29
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TDD-LTE 4G 1900MHz  cellular repeater designed for boosting your 4G 1900MHz 

The 1900MHz TDD-LTE 4G signal repeater was designed to solve the signal blind problem and improve the signal coverage. With dedicated 1900MHz filters and patented TDD-LTE time slot detecting technology, the  signal repeater helps you to extend 4G 1900MHz signal coverage up to 500 square meters in the indoor areas of India.

TDD-LTE 4G amplifier works on 1900MHz 4G band 39. With fully comply with 4G band 39 spectrum 1880-1920MHz, together with 20dBm pro power and 59dB gain,  it supplies affordable and effective full-band signal coverage solution on the band 40 TDD-LTE mobile phone networks.

The  4G TDD-LTE signal repeater can output 20dBm power with max 59dB gain. The defined coverage is 500 square meters and supports up to 10 simultaneous users. It's ideal for both of home and office/business use.

VoLTE function is supported in our 4G 1900MHz TDD-LTE signal repeater. You can enjoy superior HD video and voice calls over the 4G LTE network if your mobile operator and your smartphone support VoLTE service.

Frequency: 1880MHz-1920MHz 




Max Output Power:+23dBm/±3DBM Total power



Connector Type: N-F

Compact Design:Indoor Use

Operating Temperature:-10-60

Power Supply:AC 110/220V

Coverage Area: 500m2


Weight : 1.5kg

4G TDLTE 1900MHz is applicable to blind spot signal amplification in various indoor places such as conference halls, hotels, and the bottom of large buildings.

Expand the base station signal coverage area.

Improve the coverage of transmitting and receiving mobile phone signals.

Reduce cell phone radiation to the human body.

Prolong the battery life and life of mobile phones.

The installation is easy, flexible, flexible configuration according to the specific situation.

Product environmental protection, small size, low cost.

Full-duplex work, high isolation on the up/down.

The use of advanced digital filtering technology, external suppression is particularly good.

The coverage scheme is economical and reasonable. The isolation of the receiving and transmitting antennas is good and no interference will occur.

The outdoor overflow signal is small and does not interfere with the base station reception sensitivity.

Casting integration, fully enclosed shell, beautiful and durable.

Amplifier host: 1 piece

Outdoor antenna: 1 piece

Indoor antenna: 1 piece

Power supply: 1 piece 

Cable: 10m(outdoor)+5m (indoor)